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What is Modern Chinese Cuisine?

Kuo Social is known for being awarded the best Chinese in New Jersey and the best new restaurant. With the delicious taste of our modern Chinese menu, unforgettable service, and breathtaking atmosphere, we look to impress each and every night. Our menu is designed to take the Chinese classics we all know and love, and turn them into something greater!

Service & Atmosphere

Chinese food in America is known to be fast and inexpensive, but we are looking to do so much more than that. Other cuisines have mastered the art of delivering a true experience for customers by offering quality food with a quality service. At Kuo Social, we pride ourselves on being the restaurant that you want to come to and leave remembering. With Kuo Social, these are the types of things that you will get here. We look to showcase an environment of beautiful decor, amazing staff, and amazing food.

Part of the greatness of our atmosphere comes from our full bar, weekly entertainment, and an amazing atmosphere for any occasion. When dining with us you get that NYC dining experience, right in Central New Jersey. During each time of year we are always striving to take our experiences to the next level with featured events, specials, and so much more.

The Food

In today's society, many consumers don’t understand what separates gourmet Chinese food from the classic cuisine we all know. Modern Chinese cuisine is all about taking those familiar flavors and turning them into something great. Whether it be General Tso’s chicken and using the finest ingredients to really make the flavors pop or delivering a dish with a presentation like none other. Typically Chinese restaurants look to take the cheapest ingredients to have the ability to mass-produce a dish, but with fine dining, we are doing the opposite by making sure your dish is something that you will be craving every time you think of Chinese food.

Within Chinese cuisine, there are multiple regions that factor into how the food is cooked, how the flavors are combined, and how the food is served. Gourmet Chinese restaurants are known to have this understanding, while also conquering the task of cooking each dish to everyone’s preference. Our dinner menu hosts a variety of dishes including veggie, meat, poultry, and seafood. Some dishes we are known for are our signature Peking Duck, Imperial Chicken, Crispy Red Snapper, and for dessert, our Golden Money Bags for an explosion of chocolate and

banana. Each dish on our menu is created with quality ingredients, cooked to perfection, and presented with style.

Don’t worry, we understand that you may want to just stay in and devour your favorite Chinese. That’s why we offer our takeout service, including our community care menu. Our community care menu offers all of our favorites and more, with a smaller portion size for half the price. Our regular menu is designed to be shared family-style, and although nothing beats leftover Chinese food, we can understand that it may be too much! Whether it is our Filet Mignon Egg Rolls, Grand Marnier Shrimp, or famous Edamame Dumplings, enjoy it right from the comfort of your home.

Get ready to experience Chinese cuisine like never before, with our award-winning menu, signature cocktails, and an unforgettable atmosphere! Come discover NJs hottest restaurant by making a reservation.


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