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Must-Have Winter Cocktails

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

No matter the time of year, we all love a tasty cocktail! Some cocktails are best to have during certain times of the year, such as holiday cocktails and other seasonal types of beverages. Although these can be made all year round, we suggest having the following cocktails during the winter months.

Espresso Martini

Certainly, we all love an Espresso Martini, as it is the perfect combination of alcohol and coffee to sustain a night full of fun! Our Espresso Martini is typically shaken with vanilla vodka, Baileys, Kahlua coffee liqueur, créme de cocoa, and freshly made espresso finished off with 5 espresso beans. The reason we put 5 espresso beans, and not the typical 3, is because in Chinese culture the number 5 is a symbol of luck! In addition to our signature classic Espresso Martini, we also offer our Cremespresso Martini. Our delicious Cremespresso Martini is our classic Espresso Martini made into a slushie.

Sugar Cookie Martini

Whether it’s the holiday season or you are just looking for a tasty treat, this Sugar Cookie Martini is a must-try. Although it is only available for a limited time, this delicious treat is like dessert in a glass! Our Sugar Cookie Martini is made with Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Baileys, and Frangelico, shaken, then poured into a frosted garnished glass. This cocktail fully embodies everything this time of year is all about. The flavor of the vanilla vodka combined with the frosted sprinkled rim will conquer your craving for a warm delicious sugar cookie.We suggest having this drink to finish off a round of drinks after our late-night happy hour, as we all know the feeling of wanting dessert, but feeling too full to order it. The Sugar Cookie Martini is the perfect substitute for dessert.

Mistletoe Margarita

Our Mistletoe Margarita is like Christmas in a glass! We understand that some people prefer tequila over vodka. If you are a tequila lover, then this winter cocktail is made just for you. The Mistletoe Margarita is made with Casamigos Reposado and shaken with a mix of cranberry juice, and cinnamon schnapps. The combination of cranberry and cinnamon is a staple of the holiday season, making this cocktail a true favorite this time of year. At Kuo Social, we offer the finest selection of tequila to make sure we can create a cocktail catered to your liking. Be sure to order our Mistletoe Margarita with tequila of your liking!

These top winter cocktails are a true representation of this time of year. Whether you are looking for something more simple, like our classic Espresso Martini, or are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with our Sugar Cookie Martini, you cannot go wrong with these cocktails. During the winter season, we look to use ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon, and cranberry to truly provide our guests with the perfect winter vibe. Explore our cocktail menu to check out other signature cocktails we offer, along with our happy hour menu.

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